Antes de Salir…

For my last day in town, I decided to revisit my favorite pintxo bar, Hidalgo 56 for a few bites at lunch:

Hidalgo 56

The family-run joint is just lovely. The wife Nubia, who speaks great English by the way, runs the front of the house with an occasional visit from her 5 year old son. Meanwhile the husband, Juan Mari Humada, works the kitchen with occasional help again from the 5 year old son. So cute, he is!

Jamón y Queso

I can’t believe I’d been in San Sebastián and not yet tried the kokotxa! Finally…kokotxa!

Alcachofa con Kokotxa

Kokotxa is translated to ‘cheek’ but to be more precise, it is the lower jaw meat of the fish (the jowl), considered a real delicacy here in País Vasco, just as cheek meat is.

Café Cortado

Naturally, I finished the meal and kicked off the afternoon with a café cortado, como siempre. In honor of my LCB friends, here is my coffee cup. I realize it is not Turkish nor is it Greek, but feel free to read my fortune!


I enjoyed a leisurely walk back from Gros. Just like they are in Paris, French Bulldogs are common here too.

Del Puente

Apparently I like to take slanted photos.

La Vista

After a brief meeting with the directors of Sammic and grocery shopping with Andoni B, we headed to Parte Vieja to cook and feast at one of the oldest Sociedads Gastronómicas. I spent the majority of the time prepping with Marti while Andoni M. took photos and videos of our progression. Ah, Andoni M. also helped with the arroz–gracias!

Marti y yo

On the impromptu menu that evening were: Sopa de Mariscos con alioli (Seafood soup with garlic aioli), Arroz con txipirones en su tinta, y jamón. I promise to prepare dessert next time! A bit embarrassing on my part, having just come back from pâtisserie school in Paris…jajaja. We’ve already agreed to hamburgesas y pasteles next time, si?

Here are some of Marti’s photos:

Andoni M.

It was a splendid evening. Muchas gracias a todos por venir y comer conmigo. Such amicable, intelligent, humble young individuals…

Alexia y Marti

No puedo esperar a verles pronto!


Para cocinar, comer, charlar…

Arroz con Txipirones en su Tinta

y por su puesto, divertirse.

Sopa de Mariscos

Check out Andoni’s photos here.