Dumpling Date

In the spirit of Chinese New Year and that of dumpling making (which happens every so often, especially when my freezer has a dumpling shortage), I decided to invite a few friends over for a hootenanny. We made dumplings and cookies and drank Belgian beer. I realize how absurd that combination sounds, but we made it work (just not all at once…more like over a few hours). Tiff and I also caught up on Lost. (This season is great!)

img_2722Our little soldiers lined up before they’re off to the pan. How come the one in the middle is such a rebel?

img_2718Diligent Dumpling Divas

img_2741Close-up of a pork/Chinese chive dumpling. It was tough to get this shot just right with a chopstick model who was more eager to eat the dumpling than to get the ‘perfect’ macro image of the finished product 😉

[recipes to come for Pork and Napa cabbage dumplings & Pork and Chinese chive dumplings]


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