Caffeine Fix

I had a headache today so I decided to alleviate it with a nice cuppa. Luckily for me, I got a fresh bag of gourmet beans from Jeff just yesterday. I suppose these beans were roasted at most a week ago. The beans were glistening with freshness! If only you could smell them…(we’ll have to wait until Google or someone invents


This proved a great remedy. I hadn’t had a nice cup of coffee in a while. I used my Vietnamese coffee maker and added a teaspoon of condensed milk, just like they do in Vietnam. This east-meets-west cuppa hit the spot. With it also came nostalgia for pho…and bun…mmm noodles.

If you appreciate great coffee, check out The Art of Roasting online to order your own bagga to make your next cuppa: Oh, and psst…pass it on 🙂

art of roasting

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