Happy Birthday, Eric and Grandma!

Last night we celebrated Eric’s 25th (solar) and Grandma Lorna’s 85th (lunar) birthdays. Mom made pig’s feet braised in soy with noodles for longevity. I spent an afternoon baking my favorite cake, a recipe from Aunt Jin that will go to the grave with me. What’s the secret to the perfect strawberry chiffon? “Looove” says Aunt Jin. I couldn’t agree more.

chiffon cakeStrawberry Chiffon Cake

with almond whipped cream and toasted sliced almonds

img_2849Eric, Grandma and Dan

img_2854Eric and Grandma

I love capturing natural, uninhibited moments of laughter like this one. Grandma blew all the candles out before Eric could. Hmm that’s not funny enough to prompt Eric’s overjoyous expression. Perhaps someone farted? Better yet, sharted?

Happy birthday to my handsome, intelligent, quirky big brother, Eric. You never cease to make me laugh.

Happy birthday to my talented, jubilant, curious grandma, Lorna.

Me: “Grandma, you’re 85! In 3 years you’ll be 88! [only the luckiest number ever to the Chinese, besides 99] Shall we celebrate in Hawaii? Or perhaps Beijing?”

Grandma: “Huh? I’m just thinking about tomorrow.”

The secret to longevity? Heck if I know. Consult a fortune cookie.

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