Things I miss

It’s so easy to live in the past. I’m reminiscing on good times in procrastination of living in the moment.


Sleepover with Phoebe (and not pictured: Yoda)

Phoebe slept over the apt. Too bad she didn’t partake in face mask time 😛

img_0861Outdoor lunch at Algiers fall 2008 before Pris left for Ukraine

I miss the four of us, Pris’ contagious laughter and weather suitable for outdoor lunches.

img_6606Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market

Jeff just visited Nate in Thailand. Wish I could’ve been there. Thai ppl. are so amicable.

163_6365Snowboarding 2005: Family and Friends

I went snowboarding yesterday. I miss going with friends and family for extended stays.

With that, I shall return to productivity and end with an impromptu haiku:

The moment is now.

Cherish it, live it, love it.

Soon it is fleeting.

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