No Reservations

I love watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel. Here’s my personal [photo] ode to Tony:

We both love SE Asia

img_7032Malaysian chuanr (meat skewers) at the Hawker Centre in Penang

img_70351Sting Ray for the first time (Penang)

img_7037Delicious Fried Oyster in Penang–similar to how the Taiwanese make it

I have a newfound affinity for Vietnam (mainly because I love noodles?)

img_7168Bún Bò in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Bun=rice noodles; Bo=beef)

img_7333Gabe, Steve, me and the donut vendor + son in Hanoi, Vietnam

img_7502The best bowl of Phở Bò (Hanoi, Vietnam)

img_7416My local police officer friend from the 30 hour train ride from HCM to Hanoi

img_7425The mysterious snack he offered me which I politely accepted and respectfully consumed. It was like a grey rice cake sandwich, with caramel and nuts in between…oh and I also found some Viet newspaper in it…I suppose it was a keepsake for my tummy

I aspire to be as adventurous as Tony when it comes to eating anew. As Tony says in Kitchen Confidential, “Your body is not your ‘temple’, rather, it’s your ‘rollercoaster’.

ceejtrac_scorpEating Scorpion with Caitlyn on Wangfujing in Beijing, China

ceejtrac_seahorseThe delicious scorpion prompted Ceej and I to try the seahorse

Oh and random, but, Tony used to read Tin Tin growing up. So did I. Another reason for us to be friends.


2 thoughts on “No Reservations

  1. He is my personal favorite celebrity chef. Him and Ming Tsai though I like Ming more for all the neat ideas he has for cooking. Anthony I just think is cool. I’m so glad that I can still watch his show here in Taiwan. 🙂

    • I’ve been to Ming’s restaurant, Blue Ginger, many times. If you come visit, we’ll go 🙂
      If you love Tony, you should read his book Kitchen Confidential. I’m currently reading it. So witty he is…

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