Top Chef

topchefFabio, Stefan and Carla (

I was cheering for Team Europe since episode 1. The Italian Stallion, Fabio, won me over not only with his charm, but also with his ability to consistently produce delicious food, namely homemade pasta. He showcased simple, hearty dishes made from love. I felt like every dish had a childhood story behind it–or could have. Plus, he appreciates his fans: “I never say no to anybody. I’m like a whore, but I don’t get paid for it. If you want to talk to me or have a picture with me for me it’s an honor so I will never say no, and I’m very thankfull for all that is happening. It seems like people are truly happy to see me and it’s a good feeling.”

On the other end of the spectrum, to counterbalance Fabio’s amicability, I was enthralled by Stefan’s candor, ego and craft. The guy has talent. If his resume doesn’t already scream it, I’m sure his food does. There’s good reason he won more quick fires and elimination challenges than anyone else in Top Chef history. AND the guy can make dessert. I don’t think anyone else in the history of Top Chef has made such great dessert. Every season you hear the judges complain about disappointing desserts. It’s not Top Best Friend or Top Final Dish. The judges punished Stefan for his dessert in the final episode without giving him due credit for his performance throughout the entire season. This guy deserved to win.

Carla–Hooty hoo! The gal deserves best sportsmanship and most improved awards. I’d invite her over any day of the week for some yoga, cooking and hooty-hooing. She’s everyone’s best friend.


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