Oodles of Noodles

They were fun to slurp as a kid. The Chinese believe they symbolize longevity. Cooked perfectly ‘al dente’ and served with great sauces and fresh herbs, noodles are my favorite Chinese food staple. Whether it’s fetuccine with squid ink (Italia), Phở Bò (Vietnam), La Mian (China),  or Pad Thai (Thailand), noodles never cease to satisfy. That’s why I whipped up some Zhajiang Mian (literally ‘fried sauce noodles’) this morning. I just had to surrender to my cravings.

img_3455Zhajiang Mian My Way

This dish hails from northern China, however I prepare it the way my mom and I have been making it since I started cooking at the wee age of 8. Like fried rice, it’s a nice medley of your basic food groups (protein, veggies, carbs). Aside from the flavors, that’s probably why I liked it so much as a kid–I could check off three food groups for the day with just one dish–how efficient and healthy I was!

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