<<1 year<<

Mica: “Let’s meet at Diesel in Davis”

Tracy: “Sweet! Didn’t know they opened one there. Is it new?”

Mica: “Naw I’ve been going there for years.”

Tracy: “Oh…they don’t sell jeans do they…”


I finally made it to Diesel Cafe today, a gem of a spot in Davis Square, to meet up with mi amiga Mica. She’s been raving about this place for a while and I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to make it out there. Oh, and note: it is not the renowned Italian retailer of denim and other casual wear…img_3460

Vietnamese Coffee

It’s a great spot to people watch, read a book, catch up with friends, eat over-sized sandwiches and drink one too many cups of Vietnamese coffee, all of which we accomplished. It’d be an even hipper hangout if it was a club of some sort by night, continuing to provide a chill atmosphere for yuppies to relax.


“Paz, Amor y Amistad”-Mica (como siempre dice ella)


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