Porter Square Exchange is Oishii

I always forget to take photos when I go to Porter Square Exchange for delicious, inexpensive Japanese fare but alas–I remembered this time!

Restaurant #1: Ittyo


Cold Tempura Soba

img_3623Hot Tempura Soba

img_36261Hungry Hungry Hippos (Zach and Jason)

Restaurant #2: Tampopo (Japanese word for dandelion)

Pork Katsu 3 ways:


Jason’s katsu with the random yellow (mustard?) paste on the corner of the plate

img_3636“Try the carrot! It’s amazing!” -Zach

Never have I had such a tasty carrot.

img_3638My pork katsu curry

We made a friend across the way from restaurant #2:


He wasn’t puffy…

img_3634But he was all smiles 🙂

I think this was the first time I went to Porter without getting sashimi. It was delectable nonetheless and I would highly recommend heading out there if you haven’t already. Be prepared to wait in lines. Don’t forget to make a visit to Japonaise Bakery, hidden in the back behind Tampopo, and pick up an Adzuki Cream. Hopefully you’ll have planned accordingly and it won’t be sold out. Otherwise if you’re closer to Brookline, check out the ‘flagship’ Japonaise Bakery on Beacon St. near Park Drive.

Oh, and I just learned that the Kotobukiya grocery store is moving to Medford Square in May 😦 How inconvenient…


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