Happy Birthday/Easter, Dad!

I love birthday celebrations–especially ones that take place in my family. Not only do they always involve cake (which is often strawberry chiffon or marble chiffon made by either me or Aunt Jin), but also pig’s feet and noodles! Okay, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It may not sound appetizing to those who grew up eating fish sticks, hamburgers, chicken tenders and other forms of meat or fish that bare no resemblance to the animal. Sorry to inconvenience you with the bones in a wing, thigh or leg. I too grew up in suburban America, however coming from an asian culture that embraces eating the entire animal and leaving none to waste is a great quality that I definitely appreciate now compared to my own days of patties, burgers, nuggests, and other faceless, boneless encounters.


Soy Ginger Braised Pig’s Feet with Egg and Noodles

Like Bourdain, I too love sucking the marrow and chewing the cartilage off the bone. There’s nothing more comforting and savory than a heaping bowl of noodles to accompany this homestyle dish.


Chicken and Snow Peas


Poached Egg

with pork, scallion, onion, soy paste

img_3841Some Greens (Chinese and English name unknown)

stir-fried with Small Crispy Shrimp

img_3856The Chang Dynasty (We should have a TV show, no?)

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