Sox Comeback

It’s nice to come back to baseball season, after a blistery Bostonian winter and 8 months in Asia, where I ‘watched’ Sox games on the Gameday play-by-play update feed…slow internet + slow updates made the rare occasion of watching a Sox vs. Yanks game in Rickshaw, the 24 hr bar gracious enough to televise ESPN at 7am, all the more appreciable.

70 degrees, pre-game shopping, tacos and Coronas (at Ken Oringer’s La Verdad)–not a bad start to a beautiful friday in April. Ah, the life of a Red Sox fan…topped off with a 10-8 win over Baltimore after a 0-7 starting deficit.

Coronas never tasted so good with food…


We ladies can eat up a storm

img_3897Es La Verdad

Looks like Shelly was the only one prepared. I look like the Ghost of Xmas past and Em could use a teddy bear…


Go Sox!

Yay, Jon finally found parking!


These goons look familiar…

img_3905“Loud & Obnoxious Fans

I also learned that those foam #1 fingers are very misleading. The slit for your hand is like an envelope slot for you to put your hand into flat–NOT as its advertised, with your index finger pointing…

“Good times never felt so good…”

Speaking of good times, remember this pizza-throwing incident? For some reason, it came up in discussion during the game…amidst all the chanting, jeering, cheering and of course, high-fiving!

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