O Ya, Baby

There’s nothing like the first day of the year at the beach to kick off an amazing weekend.

img_4012Nice Shades, Shell

Life couldn’t have been sweeter…until I had the omakase at O Ya that night. Now I’ve eaten there before–twice to be exact–but what the chefs had in store for me was absolutely heavenly. If this was a symphony in my mouth, as Bourdain was say, it was Beethoven’s No. 9. Compared to other omakases I’ve had, this was hands down the best. Second to none.


Sensei 1 working hard

I love that I happened to capture the playfulness of these guys:

img_4038Sensei 2 & 3 playing hard

The following photos don’t even begin to do these select dishes justice. I attribute the lack of quality pics to not just the dim lighting, but also my eagerness to consume. Yes, I’m selfish sometimes.

Starting off with a fruity sake:



Followed by a complimentary oyster!

img_4016Kumamoto Oyster

watermelon pearls, cucumber mignonette


Shima Aji & Sea Urchin

ceviche vinaigrette, cilantro


Fried Kumamoto Oyster

yuzu kosho aioli, squid ink bubbles

After dad and I finished the first bottle, we moved on to a fuller sake to go with the proteins that followed:



This was the last ‘clear’ picture I could get, one of my favorite dishes of the evening. Mmm…sesame praline…:


Grilled Sashimi of Shiitake

rosemary garlic oil, sesame froth, homemade soy

Not pictured here, but definitely delicious:

The foie gras with balsamic chocolate kabayaki, cocoa raisin pulp and sip of aged sake was divine. The chocolate was neither overpowering nor too sweet. Never have I tasted such a harmonious combination of flavors. The aged sake is an ingenius finish.

The wagyu beef was flawlessly executed. The seasoning was just right and the same can be said for the tenderness of the meat. The thin potato slices, grilled onion and wasabi made an interesting interplay.

The sushi rice was impeccable–the true test of a sushi sensei. Compliments to Mini Sensei!

The desserts may not measure up to their forerunners but it doesn’t matter. With each bite, O Ya gave me the umami sensation–just what I want from an omakase. It’s no wonder O Ya is #1 in the nation.

img_4066I’ll be seeing [O] Ya again soon.

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