Shuck Off!

The highlight of my weekend was B&G’s oyster event on Sunday in celebration of the opening of their patio. Oysters, wine, beer, and competition…’nough said. Enjoy the photos, folks!

Tiffani’s hachimaki (the Japanese headband on her left arm) made me happy:


Tiffani and Meg from O Ya Standing By

There was even a DJ downstairs!


Hey Mr. DJ

These guys inspired me to go home and shuck:



The best oysters at the event (and Best Original Raw competition winner!)


O Ya’s Beer-Marinated Oyster

with ponzu vinaigrette, cucumber brunoise and tempura bits

My least-favorite oyster:


B&G’s Baked Oyster

with bread crumbs, some kind of cheese and bacon bits?

And then there were…sausages? Hot dogs?


For the Non-Oyster eaters?

This epitomizes Boston architecture:


B&G’s Backside


B&G’s Frontside

It’s true, collegiates, there was an oyster luge as advertised:


Germs Galore

Hello, ppl., have we forgotten about the swine flu?

img_4143He Just Wants to Be 21 Again

Oh hey, Frances:


Zach Eyes Frances Rivera

I think Shelly’s eyes are still bigger than mine, even when closed:


The Eating Ensemble

I discovered that the Prosecco mignonette was a simple yet scrumptious complement to the raw oyster. It eliminated the excessive salty taste in some of the oysters, namely the ones from Duxbury. I prefer it over the ‘usual’ cocktail sauce, horseradish and lemon trio. Also, my favorite ‘regional’ oysters were the ones from Cotuit.

Oh, and we stopped by Puma City afterwards to check it out. Perhaps it was the cloudy, imminent-rain-y weather, or the lack of people, or lack of complimentary goods…whatever it was, it certainly could not live up to B&G.

This lego Volvo mobile was the highlight of our PC stop:

img_4217Who Needs Vanna White When You Got Shelly Butler

Okay, I lied. This was the highlight of PC:



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