Jersey Weekend

Powerplants, tree farms and gophers galore. Welcome to the Garden State.

I think we should make these BBQs a tradition:


How Asians Pick Watermelons


Desperate Housewives


Imminent T-storms



Thank goodness the t-storm hit after we’d finished grilling. Talk about good timing. We then proceeded to gorge ourselves and chit chat into the late hours (late by my grandmotherly standards are post-midnight FYI). Good times.

The next day, Tiff, her mom and I went to Mitsuya in Edgewater, NJ. The Japanese grocery store/food court reminded me of 九光 in Shanghai. Porter Exchange is a clementine next to this pommelo. (<<I don’t know where that juxtaposition came from. Don’t ask.)


Miso Ramen at Mitsuya



This lady did not want her picture taken…


Green Tea Ice Cream and Red Bean Filled Yummies

Thanks for a great Memorial Day weekend, ladies 🙂

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