Happy Birthday Marty!

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with family and friends, brunch and a movie, and of course, Sweet Cupcakes! After a big brunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury, we picked up a dozen cupcakes (+ 1 birthday candle).


Sweet Cupcakes had more than a dozen type of cupcakes (and mini cupcakes) to choose from. Good thing I was the driver–we all know how indecisive I am–so Jeff went in and picked up a dozen (left to right/top to bottom: red velvet, caramel macchiato, sour lemon, boston creme, pink lemonade, strawberry shortcake, bubblegum, sweet cake with chocolate, carrot cake, lemon raspberry, sweet cake with vanilla, dark chocolate).


Jeff had the genius idea of cutting some in 1/2 so we could have a cupcake tasting. How smaht. My two favorites were the carrot cake and lemon raspberry. The carrot cake was the most moist and spice-a-licious. It had a nice pineapple surprise in the middle. I would’ve liked more raspberry in the lemon raspberry but overall the flavors and moisture were good. The others were not so positively memorable. I’m not a frosting lover so overall I think all the cupcakes had too much frosting, with the exception of the boston creme. I couldn’t taste the dutch cocoa in the red velvet 😦 Perhaps the ‘hint’ was inadequate for me to grasp. The caramel on the caramel macchiato had a nice salty taste, however the actual cake part was too dry. All others were snatched and consumed by kids, parents and grandparents alike 😛


Gotta Love Turning 1


Jacoby Eyeing the Sweets

IMG_4739E Loves Tangy Tart

Oh and we saw the movie Up (Disney/Pixar). It was lol-funny, entertaining, adventurous, poignant–everything you want in a Disney movie–so go out and see it!


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