I’m not a big drinker, but this gal likes her cocktails. Last Wednesday night, a few of us headed to Barbara Lynch’s bar dedicated to cocktails, aptly named Drink. Located below Barbara’s Italian ‘counter,’ Sportello, Drink has a simple look: a clean, modern, brick basement.


A sign of a good bar, the place was bustling even on a Wednesday evening. According to my co-workers who frequent Drink, as their living proximity in Southie makes this possible, the place is always busy–and rightly so. The bartenders are friendly and aim to make you a drink of your choice. That is, they ask you what liquors, juices, and other flavors you like and then they concoct an elixir to match that.

I like grapefruit and vodka:


We all had colorful drinks (although this picture doesn’t really do the drinks justice):

IMG_4752 Four LHSers and two NY/NJers…


Em ordered a pomegranate cocktail, which was equally delicious as my grapefruit one. The hip ambience, quality drinks, and lively service will keep me coming back for more…that is, after I start making $. At ~$11 a cocktail, I’ll be back at Drink when my wallet permits.


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