Dragonboat 2009

Happy 100th post to me! Thanks to all those who continue to follow along in my adventures via the interweb.

Oh, and congrats to Cindy and the Kids Who Don’t Paddle Good on their 1st place win (in their division) in the Dragonboat 2009 Race this past weekend 🙂


Here are some photos from the event:

IMG_4803“I like to pee every 10 ft. No joke.”

IMG_4805Shady Kids

IMG_4808The Hungry Zombies (Neither of them slept a wink the night before)

IMG_4828View of the Charles River from the Harvard Foot Bridge

IMG_4846Dragons at the Finish Line


“Please Be My Friend”

IMG_4873Hungry and Tired

My favorite pic:

IMG_4875“I Wuv You”

Yoda was so hot he proceeded to lean against the stone bridge…after he came out from under the shadow of that baby’s carriage (background). Silly Yoda.

IMG_4909Staying Cool

IMG_4912Totem Pole

This kid looked like Russell from the new Disney/Pixar Movie, Up. This prompted Ting and me to act swiftly to sneak a pic:


“Good Afternoon. My name is Russell.”

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