Hahvahd Square

Boston decided to not rain and I was feeling athletic…so I met my friends Mel and Becky halfway (btw. Lexington and Chestnut Hill) in Harvard Square via bicycle. Along the way, I stopped for the following geese and goslings:


That night, I returned to the familiar stomping grounds for some good beer, good company, good nachos and a great surprise!




Hil brought me a fruit tart from Pastiche!


The box was ever so inviting:


The fruit tart was 10000x tastier than this picture portrays:


So after hopping from John Harvard’s (where we watched the Sox lose 😦 and then drowned our sorrows in a hoppy pitcher of Pale Ale) to Felipe’s (for nachos, quesadillas, burritos and some Pastiche surprise), we finished at Border Cafe with margaritas and more chips n salsa:

IMG_4786Their menu makes me happy.

IMG_4787The Gran Gold margarita was not so tasty…I’m no bartender, but I know a bad margarita when I have one. Disappointing…but at least the chips n salsa were good, as was the company 🙂


Fellow LHSers/’09 Graduates

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