Viet Noodles

For lack of bun noodles, I decided to whip up a cold Vietnamese noodle dish with the Pho noodles I had in my pantry. Plus, cold noodles on a hot summer day are so refreshing, especially paired with fresh Thai basil, Vietnamese mint and beansprouts and most importantly, fish sauce with lime, garlic and hot pepper! Delicious! (Or as they say in Vietnamese, ngon!)


Cold Pho Noodles

with spicy garlic chicken, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint, beansprout, scallion, fried baby shrimp and fish sauce mixed with garlic, lime and serrano chile

My Southeast Asian cooking ‘skills’ (if I can even call them that) will have to suffice for now, since Boston has a dearth of quality Vietnamese restaurants. I’ve heard good things about places in Dorchester that I’d like to check out…

Oh, and I’m also loving playing around with my new Canon T1i 😀

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