Scooper Bowl 2009

If anyone asks, “It was for a good cause.” 14 cups and 2 strands of mardi gras beads later…it wasn’t so much about the cause as it was about winning. Or, preventing the effects of re-becoming lactose intolerant. All in all, minus a few absolutely disgusting flavors, the Scooper Bowl was great fun 🙂

Sorry, sandman, Lowell is neither that wide nor does he wear such a jersey:


Mike Lowell Impostor


My Cute Friends

Nice poker face, BZ. Little do you know, that minto chocolate chip tasted like gum! A burst of overly potent minty flavor, like swallowing gulpful after gulpful of gum with each spoonful–ick!


5 Cups In


Fun Beads On

No dog ice cream and no dogs allowed:


Hairball and His Girlfriend


Double Fisting

Too much ice cream…


Ice Cream Zombie


One thought on “Scooper Bowl 2009

  1. I don’t even know what scooper bowl is, but i’m so jealous that i wasn’t there. also because i miss you, becky, and justin. awwww

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