Pho-get Me Not

I know it’s been a long hiatus since the last time I’ve blogged but I’m happy to say, I’m baaaack! For those awaiting details of my Asian adventures, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this short post on pho. I know, I know, another post on pho. Except this time, I attempted to make my own ‘good enough for home’ version. Of course it’s no bowl of Pho Hoa, but it’s decent and doable for those of you craving a bowl at home.


Pho Bo

with flank steak, green basil, purple basil, scallion

I once asked a Vietnamese friend about the secret spices used in pho and she said her mom just bought a bag of spices from a Vietnamese market. Yea…really helpful. So instead of trying to make the perfect bowl of pho, I attempted a homemade bowl of pho using what I’d observed in Vietnam, which was simply slow-cooking beef bone marrow bones for a whole day. That in and of itself added great flavor and depth to the stock. Afterwards I added a few pinches here and there (cumin, coriander, nutmeg) and topped it with rare flank steak (which cooked in the broth) and topped it with some basil I’d just gotten at the local farmer’s market (and Sriracha, of course). It wasn’t as ngon (delicious, unctious, umami, what have you…) like a bowl of Nazi soup, but it was savory nonetheless!


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