Le Diner Francais Avec La Famille Heymann

Did you ever trade lunches in your elementary years? Like Fig Newtons for Cheetos, or Smart food for Fruit by the Foot? (so healthy, I know…) It’s difficult to fathom that I used to ingest such unhealthy snacks…but I was a bit wiser when it came to the ‘main course.’ I recall the best trade in elementary lunch history. I’m not sure if there is such a thing or if it is even accounted for, but if there was or if there is going to be, this swap certainly takes the gateaux (aka cake): pan-fried chinese dumplings for french bread and Nutella. My French amie, Marilyn, and I used to swap these lunches in the good ‘ol days…ah yes, fond memories.

After all these years, believe it or not, we’re still friends! Yes, I love this beanpole to death, especially after she made me a hearty, French dinner one snowy Sunday evening in her cottage [captions coming soon…]:

Braised Rabbit

with white wine sauce, homemade spaetzle and petit pois

Tarte Tatin a la Mode

Relatives’ Homemade Orange Liqueur

a la tienne!

The basement bounty of Madame Heymann’s masterpieces:

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