Photos Photos Photos

My sincere apologies for not updating in so long. Work has occupied much of my time for the past nine months so in return, my loyal readers, I give you a culmination of photos from my long hiatus:

This is where I work:

Guchi and Kama Toro (Tuna Collar of a 130 lb. Bluefin)

Tuna in Body Bag

Staff Meal at O Ya: Okonomiyaki

Eating and Exploring New York:

Ippudo Ramen

Ippudo Decor

Kyotofu’s Signature Sweet Tofu with Kuromitsu Black Sugar Syrup

Central Park Cellist

Mango-vanilla Ice Cream, Spruce, Yuzu (WD~50)

Licorice Custard, Sake Sorbet, Bartlett Pear (WD~50)

And then I went to the West Coast:

San Francisco

Home time:

Aunt Jin and I


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