Late to bed, early to rise. Hence, a quickie overview of day 2 in Paris:

Reunited with Alejandra, my friend from Madrid.

Pretty Alej

Stumbled across a pretty ferris wheel:


and subsequently realized how little I know/how much I have forgotten about Paris landmarks, history, etc. I am a bad tourist…unless we’re speaking food, because I speak food. Hope to be fluent some day.

Just because the Lebanese place down the street from the apartment is convenient, always busy and tasty in appearance, doesn’t mean the French-speaking, football-loving Lebanese folk won’t hesitate to put frites in your schwarma:

Beaucoup de Frites

Frites for lunch (with my steak tartare fit for a giant), and frites for dinner. Making a trip to Lyon with Mom tomorrow. No frites! More chocolat.

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