España en Paris

After my first ‘real’ day at school, somehow I mustered up the energy to go to Trocadéro and watch the Spain vs. Portugal match. Actually, it didn’t take much convincing, just some great company and atmosphere. The view was priceless:

Do I need a caption? Oolala!

España Wins

I didn’t even mind the metro ride home afterwards, which included Ghanan celebratatory dances they shook the entire metro car. (Why was Ghana celebrating? Just pre-gaming for the next round I guess) Thank goodness I was on the other side of the railway.

Okay, back to reality. Here is what chef made in class:

Beaucoup des Biscuits

We just had to make the diamants (pictured top left), however I don’t have any pictures of mine, just leftover crumbs since I forgot to bring my camera to practical. We also made cornets and practiced writing and drawing (I guess ‘decorating’ is a more appropriate term) with melted chocolate.

Chef Daniel: “Trac? Tu s’appelles Trac? (pronounced ‘track’)”

Moi: Pas encore, Chef!

Chef Daniel: honhonhonhonhon

Then Chef told me a story about how his son is 28 and wasn’t very good at pastry or cooking when he started but then he worked next to the best kid in the class and in the end, he was the best. I’m pretty sure Chef was trying to hint something because my diamants were not the prettiest nor the ugliest, but to me they looked like semi-squished bananas. When I asked him, “ça va?” before putting them in the oven he repeated, “Ehh ça va.” Not convincing. However, Chef approached me later and said en francais that he snuck one of my cookies and continued in an almost surprised tone, “Ooo très bien, Trac!” Jusqu’à revoir!

One thought on “España en Paris

  1. Hey cuz, that black thing you took a picture of in Lyon, “looks” like Black Wood Ear Fungus. The stuff that gets sliced into Hot and Sour soup. Maybe you already found out what it is. But thats what it looks like to me.

    I’m kinda jealous, Authentic French cuisine is about the only thing you really can’t get in Taipei.

    I look forward to the time that we meet up and I can bribe you into demonstrating the skills you’re learning there.


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