Le Weekend

Finally, le weekend! Time well spent not wearing chef whites and not hanging around the 15th arrondisement 🙂

I always take it as a sign of good luck when I bump in to pugs. I miss the pug head tilt:

Orange Pugs

My first ‘real’ French quiche à Chez Molly, courtesy of Erin:

Quiche with Zuchini, Comté and Herbs du Provence

J’adore les amis de Molly. They recommended me to the Japanese area of Paris on Rue Saint Anne, where I enjoyed a lovely lunch of beer, gyoza and ramen. Finally, some non-French food! I’m not a beer buff but given the recent heat wave this week, I’d been craving a cold beer all week long. Fortunately it cooled down today but that’s no excuse not to have a beer anyway. Unfortuatenly they did not have Ebisu so I had to settle with Asahi.


The gyoza and ramen at Hokkaido were decent, however I was a bit disappointed to find that my ramen had only one slice of cured pork. Thank goodness past experience has taught me how to control the noodle to pork to broth to veggie ratio per mouthful.


I miss the heavenly yet simple flavors of toasted sesame seeds.

Shio ramen

Since I’ve been baking LCB pastries all week, I decided to treat myself to dessert from a real pâtisserie. Many places are closed sunday [such as Pierre Hermé] (remember? everyone is out rollerskating) however the hidden gem on 35 Rue de Vaugirard, Sadaharu Aoki, is open. I’d heard about it from Japanese friends and read about it on David’s blog. With many chains in Tokyo, I’d expected Sadaharu Aoki to have a bigger more extravagant location or window display but I guess that isn’t really commonplace in Paris. Anyway, the cute shop featured a variety of mille feuille, macarons, “ice cream sandwiches”, etc. which I was not allowed to photograph…

Sadaharu Aoki

so here is a picture of the macarons I tried (since I’d immediately scarfed down the black sesame ice cream sandwich on the walk home):

Wasabi, Yuzu, Matcha Totem Pole

Wasabi was a lot sweeter than I’d anticipated. Yuzu was my favorite since the citrus cleansed the lingering richness left by the gyoza and ramen. The matcha was also excellent, perhaps due to a strong matcha powder. I can’t wait to try the famous macarons at Pierre Hermé to compare. I’m not even crazy about macarons, but these three had great crunch [from the meringue], then a moist layer of cake crumb-like consistency followed by a perfect portion of flavor-packed filling. The texture of the filling is difficult to put in to words. It wasn’t a goo or a liquid or a gel, rather it resembled non-sticky fondant that has just dried and formed a ‘shell’ exterior so the inside is soft but there’s a thin layer of ‘shell crackle’ that has formed. Perhaps this explanation is more confusing–oh well. For those of you who don’t  care, just know it was oishii. Next time I will go with an emptier stomach and try the cakes.


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