Triple Sessions

I am blessed with hours upon hours of education these past few days. Translation: I have class from 12:30-9:30…so hopefully a lot of learning going on, with a side of exhaustion. Pass the coffee, s’il vous plâit.

Gateaux Basque

Actually, this learning thing is not so bad. Demos are kind of slow at times, especially if we’re reviewing techniques previously learned such as making pastry dough, meringue or pastry cream. Then again, it’s nice to practice and perfect them come practical. Plus, I can focus more attention on presentation and less on sablage or frésage.

Tartine de Poire et Amandes

The best part was, after class ended, my friend Catherine and I went to deliver our treats to a classroom of visitors taking one-night class. Chef allowed us [and our tartines] in and besides complimenting me on my tartine, which I had yet to taste for fear that a missing spoonful would render it ‘unsalable’, he invited us for dinner. In other words, he offered us pinot noir from Alsace and some untouched, leftover [salty] food. Woohoo–salty! It’s funny how badly I crave a slice of Prosciutto San Daniele or better yet, Jamón Bellota, after nine hours of pastry…

One thought on “Triple Sessions

  1. Bonjour Tracy!
    I am loving following your exploits and your educational pursuits in Paris. You are simply amazing my dear and I wish only wonderful things for you while you are in Paris. I cannot wait until I can sample your pastry creations myself. Take good care. Love and Hugs, Ellen

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