My Shelly has touched down in Paris 🙂


Unfortunately I had a demo on croissants and genoise so I couln’t meet Shell at the airport but thank goodness for her intelligence because when I got home from school, there she was on my doorstep!

Strawberry Mille-Feuille

After an afternoon perusing La Grand Épicerie and walking around the 6th arrondissement, we were parched and hungry. Unfortunately, plan A failed and Chez Dumonet was closed (on a saturday? I thought Parisian restaurants went on hiatus on sundays and mondays…) so we went to Plan B: basque food down the street from my place: Afaria. Very nice waiters (who tolerated our Frenglish), decent food with intriguing flavors and curious vessels which contained our food, such as a large wooden clog containing salad or a flower pot holding our croquetas. I know the French like to recycle their wine bottles to reuse for eau du robinet, but this was something else. We liked! I’ll have to go back for 1) take out (canned Spanish delicacies, tapenade and bread) and 2) photo evidence of the eclectic ‘dinnerware’.


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