Perfect Timing

Shelly arrived just in time to celebrate her birthday..and what better way to do so than in Paris! It was a fun-filled day which began at the outdoor market at Place d’Italie. The market had everything from heirloom tomatoes to fresh fish to animal innards to lingerie! I’ll have to get more photographs next time, when we aren’t so busy shopping and getting out of the way of the pushing Parisians [who throw very mean glares if you bump in to them accidentally or after they bump in to you and then glare at you accusingly].


I fell in love with the colors, aromas and cute old couples, who I often spotted holding hands.


The birthday girl looking good (note: strollers are not market-friendly):

The Lovely Birthday Girl

Thank goodness we had an honorary Frenchie with us: Erin. Honarary because her francais est excellent, especially since Eric Ripert mistakened her for a francaise. C’est vrai!

Our Designated Parisian

Oh how I wanted to buy all of these…


Remember the baguette longer than Shelly’s torso? We devoured it.


The happy, hungry, and diverse family (hailing from France, U.S. and Italy):

The Gang

I couldn’t resist posting another picture of my favorite thing to eat in Paris:


Oops! I almost forgot the menu:

Basil, almond, pine nut pesto,

Heirloom tomatoes with lemon juice, fleur de sel, olive oil and black pepper

Crusted Tilapia with lemon-lime chervil vinaigrette

Roasted fingerlings with herbs du provence

Afterwards, we took a stroll in the park nearby and then headed out to watch España vs. Netherlands in the World Cup final. Thankfully, Paul the octopus was correct in his predictions and we rejoiced afterwards 🙂 Otherwise, I would have no guilt tomorrow finding the nearest sushi bar and having tako for lunch.


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