One-Handed Croissants

Today we finished making croissants. We had made the détrempe dough yesterday (easy peasy, even though I had to do it with one hand) and today, we did the hard part: rolling the dry butter in to the dough and creating the croissant layers in the whole rolling, turning and chilling process. Again, I did it with one hand. Well, maybe one and a half hands. I’m quickly learning how to be ambidextrous (the hardest thing so far is brushing my teeth with my left hand. I can shoot lefty in soccer, lacrosse and probably even basketball if I put my mind to it…but getting those back wisdom teeth is hard work!)

Not too shabby, eh?

Tour Croissant

I should have put one of these guys next to everyone else’s croissants. Can you tell I made them mini?


I prefer them smaller not only for portion control but also because I think they taste better this way. I’ve never enjoyed a huge croissant, but a small crispy one? Yum. We also made pain au chocolat:

Pain au Chocolat

All in all I was satisfied with the outcome of my dough. I think it will be interesting to try and make it at home in my own oven. Chef Grandpa said if we added more “turns” to the dough rolling process, they would puff up more. That I shall try. Oh, and I also got Gramps to try one of my croissants 🙂 (The Chef’s rarely taste our finished products, but I always try to be a little more convincing than others)


2 thoughts on “One-Handed Croissants

  1. I just found you googling Chef Walter – I took a Bread Making Atelier from him in July. What are you taking – the whole sheee-bang? Gorgeous work! I thought he was only teaching Alteliers, though… I would love to have you e-mail me the answer as when I took the class, all of my notes were left at the hotel and I am dying to know 2 things…
    1. the temperature of the room and the flour and the water must = what? is it 54 degrees C. I seem to recall that it was.
    2. What is the basic poolish recipe he uses. If you could please send me this information I would be so grateful. The school kindly sent me another package which I just received and I am now trying to get my posts up about that day. We didn’t do the puff, of course – with one day – but I would love to come back, and probably will. I just made brioche myself in my home oven and it was spectacular. I was patting myself on the back for a half an hour!

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