Brioche et Pain au Raisin

Today we finished making brioche and pain au raisin with the détrempe dough we made last class. My right hand was still out of order from the burn earlier this week and so again, I wore the glove of shame and worked harder with my left hand. Thank goodness I had learned some of the dough-balling technique in a Shanghai pastry class a few summers back.

This was easier than showering with one arm:

Baby Brioche


The pain au raisin were more delicious than I’d anticipated. They also baked up nicely. I couldn’t “fit” them all on my small piece of cardboard a emporter (I guess I conveniently left my tupperware at home) so I snuck one, still warm out of the oven. Yum yum pass the rhum!

Pain au Raisin

I think there is a direct relationship between enjoying what I’m going to make and the actual outcome of what I make. Brioche–bien. Croissants–bien, aussi. Chaussons aux Pommes? Pas de bien! How do I trick myself in to liking things that don’t tickle my fancy [or my tongue]?

One thought on “Brioche et Pain au Raisin

  1. Hi Tracy: How’s the hand? Hope you have a speedy recovery. This all looks so yummy. It would be fun if some of it found it’s way into Shelly’s suitcase for her ol’ mom! How is my girl? Tell her, “bon jour,” or “bon soir.”

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