Sunday Night Dinners

I’ve mentioned before that the majority of Paris is closed on Sundays, with the [recent] exception of stores open during the soldes, or the occasional neighborhood grocer or Picard that is open for a few hours pour le matin. Donc, Sundays are reserved for family time, roller-skating or picnicking. This past Sunday, friends gathered at Chez La Molly for another cooking soiree. Erin [chocolat] spent the morning shopping at her neighborhood outdoor market and found some nice produce for us to whip up the delectable meal. I was more than happy to make pasta sauce in a pitcher with a hand-mixer again, as long as it didn’t overheat on me. Woohoo for ghetto [equipment] improvisation. Like a Top Chef challenge, no?


Unfortunately we got so tied up with cooking (/Shelly and I may have had three cuppas each at La Caféotèque and been too giddy to remember) that we didn’t take many pictures. However, I did manage to get a shot of Giuseppe before we left. Tsingtao in Paris? Bien sûr!

I can’t think of a better picture to kick-off the start of Giuseppe’s portfolio for his theatre/law career.

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