Last week at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

This is the last week of class at Le Cordon Bleu so between spending time in class and with friends, I haven’t left much time for blogging! Fear not, here are some pictures to catch you up to speed:


Also known as “Three Kings Cake”, this was one of my favorite “pretty feuilletage” to make. Glossy, flaky, golden goodness…I had to post two pics:

Pithiviers [Deux]

I wish I had taken a better picture, but here it is:


Making marzipan roses in class is like therapy after spending an hour rushing to whisk, fold, bake and clean. It also makes me realize I should look at more roses if I want to make my marzipan ones more realistic, versus copying the Chefs since all their roses look different.

Bûche Pistache-Chocolat

I have to learn to trick myself in to liking projects, even if they aren’t tasty in demo or have ugly names like “pistachio log.” The hulk green was a big turn-off as well, despite the many times I repeated the mantra, “pretend it’s a chocolate matcha cake, Trac” in my head.

One thought on “Last week at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

  1. Tracy, I’m going to call you “MIDAS”… Everything you touch or make, ex: The Three Kings, are GOLDEN!!! Every single one looks beautiful and delicous….

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