Exploring Paris

My first Saturday of freedom in Paris–woohoo! I spent the afternoon wandering around the Madeleine area. Erin [chocolat] and I had passed by the Galerie Vivienne the other day on the way to Kunitoraya so I decided to revisit it. I was enthralled by the fountains, art displays, boutiques, cafés and great people watching. This was my favorite exhibit:


I wish I could capture it better on photo but hopefully it looks somewhat interesting despite the glare. The rest of the area was pretty quiet and not too tourist-infested. Children were playing in the “garden” and a lot of people were taking pictures in this area:

Bendel, c’est vous?

I’m not sure what actual purpose they serve, but they look like Henri-Bendel-ish-cylindrical-boxes-for-top-hat-protection, no? I’m pretty sure that’s absolutely not the intention. I’ll put it on my list of ‘things to google.’

Although I didn’t end up purchasing anything from the boutiques, I did enjoy this find:

Didier Ludot Pug Clutch

On the top of my list of ‘things I miss from home’ (above guac and chips and mom and dad) are Phoebe and Yoda. Therefore every day I am reminded of them in Paris, such as yesterday’s pug siting and today’s trip to Didier Ludot, is a lucky day. This clutch however looks more like Yali and Phoebe.

All the window shopping and wandering made me hungry. Good thing udon was just around the corner [and down the stairs]:

La “Cave” (Kunitoraya)

I often see places in France named “La Cave de ____” and although cave is ‘cellar’ in French, I still like to think I’m going to the [bat] cave. That’s how I felt this time around at Kunitoraya, sitting in the cave, whereas last time I was at the upstairs bar in front of the window, where curious passerbys stared as I slurped up my bowl of delicious udon.

Tempura Udon

Why am I eating Japanese food in Paris? I originally figured I should eat French food in France. After trying to live la vie francaise for a month, however, I came to my senses. Having had some unfortunate French food encounters I’ve decided it is wiser to eat good food in Paris, regardless of what type of cuisine it is because chances are 1) I’ll be much happier and 2) I can’t find it back home in Boston. C’est vrai.

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