For Shelly’s last hurrah in Paris (and my pre-Cordon Bleu-exam-dinner) we went to CRU in Le Marais.


The Sancerre was fruity, dry and an excellent toast to the good things to come.

La Grand Assiette de Poisson Crus

The poisson crus that ensued was delightful–great use of herbs, oil and acid. They say the sushi in Paris is god awful, but thank goodness for Cru’s [poisson] cru! I was both surprised and subsequently ecstatic after realizing the lime on the plate was indeed kaffir lime! I thought it was too good to be true [in Paris] but I suppose dreams do come true.

Carpaccio de Veau, à L’huile de Truffe

Even the veal carpaccio was decent. Having worked in a restaurant that uses a surperfluous dousing of truffle oil on fish, I was apprehensive. However, a little goes a long way and the truffle oil balanced nicely with the gaminess of the veal, the syrupy balsamic reduction and the flecks of fleur de sel.

The waiter also recommended the carpaccio de boeuf which we did not order, but I’ll be sure to get the next time around, since the veal was surprisingly satisfactory. I would also skip the assiette rouge (variation autour de tomate) next time as well as the desserts (assiette noir–variation autour de chocolat and the cheese cake cerise et chocolat blanc). Stick to the raw.


Oh and did I mention we had a post-Cru photo shoot in the surrounding alleys?


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