Fresh and Simple

A recent trip to New Ginza in Watertown has given me new hope that quality sushi does exist in Boston, you just have to seek it. I’m not saying Boston doesn’t have enough sushi restaurants because believe me, we have plenty (Douzo, all the Oishii’s, all the Fin’s just to name a few…). It’s when I crave quality, traditional fare, that I find myself at a loss…or simply, cooking at home. Sure, on occasion I would like a caterpillar roll or a spicy tuna roll, but what happened to guys like negi-toro and dobinmushi? I wonder how many of today’s sushi-eaters are familiar with these figureheads of Japanese cuisine. Are you?

Bluefin Otoro Nigiri

Perhaps this palate is hypercritical because I was trained to be this way at a young age by an even more discerning palate, formally known as Grandma, or as everyone called her, Mama-san. Well thank you, Mama-san, for teaching me to how to enjoy the freshness and simplicity of Japanese cuisine.

One thought on “Fresh and Simple

  1. No, I haven’t heard of them. I do adore sushi and sashimi, and think I have quite a discerning palate. I agree. It is hard to find great Japanese food almost anywhere. I wan only in Boston once, and do admit, Japanese wasn’t even on the list, that trip. I love Boston. My daughter went to Tufts. I live in Edmonton AB Canada – and the further West you go, it seems to me, the better the Japanese food. But, you have incredible seafood on the East coast, and are very clost to that!

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