San Sebastián

After delayed flights in both Boston and Madrid, Aunt Pearl and I finally arrived in San Sebastian. We hadn’t eaten for at least 24 hours so we took a stroll in to Parte Vieja (Old Town) for some pintxos (small plates). Our delightful and informative Pensión owner, Leida, provided a [foodie] map for us. Woohoo! Map in hand, off we went in search for some good Spanish jamón.

Nothing at home comes close to the nutty goodness of Jamón Jabugo at Bar La Cepa en San Sebastian. It paired nicely with my hoppy Keler cerveza, or perhaps I just thought so because I was parched after all that while.

La Vida

Bar La Cepa

After lunch, which by the way takes place around 2pm here, we headed to the Aquarium. Don’t be fooled. The first floor is actually a naval museum, but keep going and it gets better. Those who know me know how easily I tire of museums and libraries and other non-shiny things. I swear I have patience–I like fishing! Anyhoo, I thought I had been tricked in to a boring museum full of ships but like good pirates, the Spaniards keep the booty below deck.


Did you know (according to an article I read in Scientific American), Jellyfish are immortal? That is, they live forever if they aren’t consumed by predators, aka all the Chinese people in the world, myself included.

Aunt Pearl: Their sting hurts!

Me: You’ve been stung before?

Aunt Pearl: No, but I’ve heard…so we should eat more of them.

Moving on to other sea creatures…one that I don’t consume, rather I emulate [in my sleep positioning], the starfish!

Awkward Starfish

For BZ:


The cool kids hang out in the cave:

Ray Ray

Urchins? Or the little dudes from Totoro?

I See You See Me

Tuna boats?

Los Barcos

I wish the Spanish were more descriptive. Here they just say ‘funghi’:


During our stay in San Sebastián, Aunt Pearl and I hiked up Monte Urgull twice. This was taken at the fort at the top of the mountain.

Monte Urgull

La Plaza de la Constitución was bustling at night. Here, children are playing fútbol. iEpa!

Plaza de la Constitución

Just down the street from La Plaza was one of my favorite pintxos bars, Txepetxa, which specializes in anchovies. They have over 14 anchovy pintxos!

Pimientos de Padrón con Anchoas

Pulpo y Pimientos

My absolute favorite pintxo was the sea urchin roe and anchovy atop of toasted bread and olive oil. So so so so so good. If I lived in San Sebastián, I’d eat these all day every day.

Huevas de Erizo con Anchoa

More to come…

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