Back to the City of Pâtisserie

Today we had our first class of Pâtisserie Intermediaire at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Catherine (my roomie and baking buddy from the basic course) and I woke up before the sun and headed to class. Unfortunately it is no longer summer in Paris and the weather this week is 50s and rainy so forgive me for saying that the city has lost a bit of its charm.

Likewise, the first demo and practical were lackluster. What crazy frenchman thought to make puff pastry streusel with fromage blanc and canned apricots? Ick! I’m not posting that one. The almond cake was the better of the two so here it is:

Pavé aux Amandes

I promise the next posts/treats will be tastier and therefore I will be more enthusiastic. With that I bid you adieu because I have another early morning ahead of me. Bonne nuit!

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