Restaurant Desserts: Macarons

Today’s class featured restaurants desserts, including macarons, moelleux au chocolat et crème brûlée au caramel. Having focused on pastry in a restaurant as well as frequented many restaurants in search of delicious desserts, I can easily say these desserts were less than amusing. I thought the aim of each lesson plan was to teach certain techniques so we would be well-equipped with the fundamentals upon graduating from this course level. However, we’ve already made and/or reviewed macarons, pastry cream, ice cream, etc. in basic pâtisserie, yet here we are doing it again? I’m not going to throw a coup or anything, but I’m just saying I’d much prefer to be challenged by a new topic or technique.

Macaron à la Framboise, Crème de Pastis et Coulis de Framboise

We were only required to make macarons for practical. The chefs have never had us make macarons, but they showed us a demo of it in basic pâtisserie. The difficulty lies in the mixing, piping and baking time and temperature. Since the chef controls the ovens, I just had to focus on mixing and piping. Pas de problem. However I’ve never seen a restaurant serve a macaron as ‘restaurant dessert.’ In both the U.S. and France, I’ve only had them as petit fours. Donc, je demande savoir, pour quoi? Why spend a demo and practical covering such unimpressive desserts? I know I wouldn’t actually serve these particular items as ‘restaurant desserts’, and I already know their fundamental techniques so if I wanted to use them to build my own dessert, I could. Je ne sais pas. At least week 1 is over and I only had 1 awful experience (streusel from day 1) so I should count myself lucky. Bon weekend!

Next week: Chocolat!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Desserts: Macarons

  1. Que bonita, chica! Don’t you think it’s weird that of all the desserts they could have asked us to plate, they chose macarons? But if this plate was handed to me I would have absolutely no complaints. Très Jolie!

  2. Hi Tracy, first of all, congratulations! I work for the IT department at SAMMIC and I was just curious to know your blog now that I know you are one of the two winners. I hope you will enjoy your stay at San Sebastian and get much profit of it!

    Let me say your dishes look sooooo yummy! I am sure you will be a success!

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