Heavenly Chocolate

The Douceur Chocolat, also known as ‘Heavenly Chocolate’ was one of my favorite tasting cakes thus far in intermediate pâtisserie. The components were quite simple: hazelnut dacquoise (which we learned in basic), milk chocolate mousse (a mixture of cream and milk chocolate), crispy praline and the more challenging part, tempered milk chocolate. We have been tempering chocolate all week so we should be experts by now, right? Eh…no. We have observed several demonstrations on tempering chocolate and the chefs always make it look so simple, but how many hundreds of times have they done it? Well we worked with milk chocolate once and dark chocolate once so third time’s the charm! I was determined to get it brillant this time around. Plus, I’m tired of Chef Tranchant saying our chocolats are for the supermarché! 😦

Douceur Chocolat

Please excuse the horrible fluorescent glare and hideous marble of LCB’s P3…voilà! My best chocolate [tempering] work yet. Since the other components were familiar and required little time to prepare, I took it upon myself to temper the milk chocolate twice for extra practice and to challenge myself. After all, that’s what spare time during a LCB practical is for. If you note the curved pieces of chocolat, this is where I curled my second sheet of tempered chocolate on to a rolling pin and let it solidify in to a curvy square. I’d seen Chef Cotte do it during a practical in basic pâtisserie so I figured, bien sûr pourquoi pas? Yay, my risk-taking was rewarded with somewhat successful curvy squares. Although I would have preferred them to be more even in thickness...jusqu’à la prochaine fois...

It takes a bit of practice, patience and understanding to convince myself that the chefs are indeed correct, that chocolate tempering is not so difficult. Have faith.

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