Pierre Hermé

Last time in Paris, I made it a goal to sample as many different flavors and brands of macarons I could. This time around, I haven’t been so diligent. I blame it on the colder weather and earlier sunset (yes, mother nature), both of which make it more difficult to walk around the walkable city as much as I did in the summertime. Anyhoo, I made up for lost time today by paying Pierre Hermé a visit, namely the location at 72 Rue Bonaparte.


Coing (Quince) , Marron et Thé Vert (Chestnut and Green Tea), Chocolat et Gingembre Confit (Chocolate and Candied Ginger). The ginger confit packed a nice spice to pair with the dark chocolate. The others were neither memorable nor texturally pleasing.

Truffe Blanche

I liked this savory macaron and this is coming from a non-lover of truffle oil, having lived, eaten and breathed truffle oil every day for a year at O Ya. Oui, c’est possible to be all truffled-out.

Mille Feuille de Praliné

Every since we made the douceur last week, I’ve been craving praliné and feuilletine. Despite the sweetness of praliné, I can’t get enough of the nutty richness! I love the crunch so much I even bought a bag of feuilletine to bring home 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pierre Hermé

    • thanks, Jenny! I shot it with my SLR, can ya tell? 😉 I think the barquette looks kinda like it’s floating (shot it on a glass table)

  1. Hi. Google brought me to your blog in a research effort for food-ing in preparation of my first visit to Paris. Good stuff! I will be looking for some of those (great) photos.


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