Trésor Vanille Fraises de Bois

Here are a few photos of the strawberry ‘treasure’ cake. It has an almond dacquoise base with strawberry mousse and a vanilla chiboust. What’s with all the gelatinous mousses lately? Gelatin + mousse = texturally unappealing (with a few exceptions). At least it was fun to make and decorate!


As much as I relish the rush and adrenaline at the start of class, I also enjoy the therapeutic moments at the end where I can slow down and channel my inner artiste.

Trésor Aussi!

One thought on “Trésor Vanille Fraises de Bois

  1. Great corn post, but I have a qotiesun. Why is it that you take the corn silk out and soak it? I have always just bought whole corn and thrown it directly on the grill until the silk at the end is burned off and the outer leaves are kind of brownish and dried up. Should I be soaking it and removing the silk too?

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