Finally, the Cordon Bleu lesson I’d been waiting for…baguette!

Pour la dernière pratique, nous avons fait baguette.


Mais, je pense que les baguettes du chef sont plus jolies. Donc, ils sont ici.

Baguette et Pain de Mie de Chef JJ

It’s too bad we only bake baguettes once at Le Cordon Bleu. There isn’t very heavy emphasis on breadbaking. We just get a glimpse of brioche in basic and baguette here in intermediate. That’s it. C’est tout. Superior Pâtisserie is all about chocolat et sucre. To be honest, I don’t think a homeless frenchman would even accept our baguettes. They lacked the crunchy exterior and large-air-bubbly interior that every baguette should have. The bread too had little taste which I also think was because of the recipe we were given, which called for fresh dough versus starter dough (often found in sourdough). Oh well, I suppose we signed up for Cordon Bleu and not Cordon Pain.

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