La Tamborrada de San Sebastián

Alas, I have arrived again in San Sebastián! I was just in time for the yearly 24-hour cacophanous festival, formally known as Tamborrada. There are various tales behind the origins of the celebration, dating as far back as the 18th century. It’s all history to me. Did somebody say festival?


We sang, we danced, we drummed. Various large groups of ‘chefs’, ‘soldiers’ and ‘musicians’ marched through and entertained us. Bravo! Their weeks of practice paid off!


Though they all carried different instruments or cooking utensils, I think they were all soldiers because only mighty, mighty soldiers can party 24 hours straight, si o no? Whatever they were, young, old, and really old, they knew how to party hardy. Perhaps it was the intermittent cigars and beers they took that got them through the night, morning and day. I don’t know what they fed their children…churros con cortado?


The red ‘soldiers’ and the dudes on horseback reminded me of Lexington because every April we have our Reenactment with the ‘British.’ Is San Sebastián the Lexington of Spain? Watch and listen here.


Even the ladies had a part in this band:


My favorite ‘chefs’ were the ones bearing the large utensils. Who would’ve thought to bring an écumoir? Jajaja. I also enjoyed the wooden utensils because they were so realistic. I’d use one if I were a giant. The fella with the fork pulled me along to skip and dance with the group. I feel like a Basque already!

After the festivities we went for pintxos, but not before enjoying dusk on the bridge:


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