Jamón Jamón

Today before staff meal, we got the best visitor yet, the jamón man!

Señor Jamón y Miguel

A very legitimate, jamón man he was, indicated by his steel glove and the steel apron he’s dawning under his regular apron.

Sliced Thin

I jumped at the opportunity to take photo and video footage, with Martín’s permission of course. The jamón man even let me take a stab (literally) at the hard work (again, literally). He knocked on the jamón with his knife to indicate just how hard it was. Why the metal glove and vest? The meat is so tough, so ‘cured’, that you have to jab your knife in deep and pull towards your body in order to get the power needed to remove certain bones. When Athena and I tried, we struggled but we contributed a few cuts and incisions nonetheless. Señor Jamón did it so effortlessly and rather swiftly. iUn profesional!

Pata Negra

He also fed us some scraps of jamón. Well, multiple scraps. Best scraps yet!

more photos and videos coming soon…

2 thoughts on “Jamón Jamón

  1. Jamon from Spain is the best, more flavorful than the Italian prosciutto, it is great as appetizer (with melon) or in sandwich. However, I still think Chinese ham (fire ham) is the best for making soup.

    While in Madrid, make sure you check out Vinap in Plaza Santana, if you are lucky to get a table.

    Enjoy Spain, and if you have time, check out the flamenco pena in Andalucia, sip Manzanilla while you enjoy the flamenco music and dance, that’s what Carmen did back in Bizet days.

    I enjoy reading your blog, please keep it up.

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