DD Comes to Town

Despite the monsoon weather in San Sebastián this weekend, djDD and I still had a blast pintxo-hopping in Gros and walking it all off in the torrential downpour. Yes, we ventured all the way from the Euskotren in San Sebastián to the opposite side of town, multiple times in multiple monsoon-ish storms. Every bite counts:

Mitxelena de Gaztelu Txiki

Dessert in Spain? So surprisingly delicious, we ordered another!

Helado de Vainilla del Lagar

There’s no visiting Spain without indulging in decadent jamón ibérico:

Ibérico de Bidea Berri

If it looks good, eat it!

Pimientos de Bidea Berri

DD is such a good trooper for trying pulpo despite not having liked it. Or perhaps I’m a mind bender. She loved the pulpo here. See what happens when you trust me with your palate? Okay okay, kudos to the chef.

Pulpo de Taberna Dardara

So many delicious memories with DD in País Vasco. Sorry for the bummer. We weren’t such very good ‘tourists’…but  at least we ate well and monkeyed around with Sapito.

Sapito y Georgina

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