A Week in Photos

Sometimes show is so much easier than tell. Check out snapshots of this week from the kitchen of Martín Berasatégui:

Part of Martín’s lunch:


Martín and I made Malay curry together and my friends had some too. I shrieked when we somehow got our hands on kaffir limes:

For the Love of Kaffir

Athena made delicious burgers for Martín, including homemade brioche buns courtesy of my LCB Paris recipe:


Can’t have burgers without good meat. Athena tries it crudo:

La Carnicería

I made mine with caramelized onions and black pepper inside. Voilà:


We prepped for our next Sammic video with Martín. He showed us how to make traditional Kokotxas de Bacalao con Berberechos al pil-pil (Cod jowls with cockles):

Sammic! Eee!


La Hostia

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