Dinosaur Claws

Ever since I first laid eyes on them in La Bretxa market, I’ve wanted to try percebes, also known as barnacles or ‘dinosaur claws’ in my last description. I’d only seen them once at La Bretxa and then again in Hondarribia when a peculiar lady was selling them on the street. Darn, why didn’t I seize the opportunity when it stared me in the face? I could have struck a great deal on that percebes gold. Alas, I finally encountered percebes again the other night at where else but an unassuming pintxos bar in Parte Vieja.


These dinosaur claws come at a pretty penny and I know why. They’re insanely dangerous to harvest. Chef Joseba sent me video footage of just how hard they are to come by. Check it out and you too may want to try some of these rare, creatures. I must say, they’re a briney, tasty treat and I wouldn’t mind having them every once in a while, as long as I don’t have to go rock climb in treacherous, crashing waves and get ’em myself.

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