Visitors from Shanghai? Que?

I love getting surprise visitors at Restaurante Martín Berasatégui every day. Cada día es una aventura. Life is like a box of 巧克力 (pronounced txakolí!)。Just when I least expected it, and ironically, just when I’d commented that I wish I had someone with whom to speak my native tongue, in walked Max and Seven, los jefes de Shanghai. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with them chatting about food, Shanghai, Basque country and txakolí. Our Monday began beautifully:


Being good tourists:


Already, Seven loves txakolí:


And hand-sliced jamón at Bidea Berri:


I’m excited for Seven to stay in Lasarte for the next month, learning the ins and outs of the restaurant. It’s refreshing when new people come to the kitchen with such enthusiasm to learn. I feel renewed. Cheers to new friendships!


One thought on “Visitors from Shanghai? Que?

  1. It seems like you and Athena are having the biggest and most intresting experience of your lives in Spain! Great to hear that you are refresh with greetings!

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